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Writing Retreat: Berlin, Germany



November 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019




noun. one that creates usually by bringing something new or original into being.



Savanna is a playwright and deviser, creating both staged theatre and more experimental performance. 


Her practice is dramaturgically-driven by the relationship between theme and artistic medium, yielding a heterogenous body of work encompassing everything from puppetry to installation, drama to comedy. She has worked as a solo-auteur and as a member of art collectives.



noun. one who acts in a play, movie, television show, etc.




A graduate of the University of Alberta, Savanna has since been on stage and screen regularly. She enjoys collaborative and non-traditional processes, especially workshopping new material or radically reimagining traditional texts. 


She has become known for taking on artistically challenging roles. In an up-coming project, Savanna will be training in synchronised swimming for a show to be performed in a pool. Past roles have required her to dance blindfolded in the streets with strangers and create an improvised, intimate experiences with an audience-of-one.



noun. a specialist in dramaturgy: The art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical representation.


Savanna has consulted for numerous artists, assisting in the development of their art. She is a champion of new work and emerging artists.


She is excited by dramaturgy involving non-traditional performance spaces (site-specific, site-generic), roving or ambulatory shows, and experimental or academically inspired concepts that deploy theory into practice - or that develop theory through practice.



noun. a person who supervises or finances a work (such as a staged or recorded performance) for exhibition or dissemination to the public


Since 2014, Savanna has owned and operated an independent production company. Her own work is all self- or co-produced, and she has been contracted by artists, companies, and festivals.


Her areas of expertise are project management, strategic planning, volunteer coordination, event planning, marketing and communications, and fund development. She has worked with non-profits and independent companies.



Nov - Mar 2019

Berlin, Germany


For five months, Savanna will be in Berlin researching and revising her play, WASTELANDS, into its second draft. She will also be giving workshops on indie-producing and self-taught practice.


Stay tuned for further details!

16 - 26 AUG, 2018

Edmonton, AB, Canada

FRONT OF HOUSE MANAGER | French Hub in the Edmonton International Fringe Festival

You can take the girl out of the Edmonton Fringe, but you can't take the Edmonton Fringe out of the girl. Savanna will be heading to Edmonton (this time without a show) to help produce not one - but TWO - venues in the festival. Running Venues 36 and 37 in La Cité Francophone is no small feat. This is the largest  Fringe festival in North America. She'll be bringing her game face. And an IV for steady coffee supply.

Mar - June 2018

Calgary, AB, Canada

WASTELANDS | Provocation Series in the IGNITE! Festival

Swallow-a-Bicycle makes the sort of theatre and practices the kind of values Savanna aspires to unleash into the world. So, it is a huge deal that she can announce their support of her new play, WASTELANDS! In the up-coming months, SAB will be supporting the growth of this wacky new project and then presenting it at the IGNITE! Festival in June. 

27 and 28 Oct, 2018

Calgary, AB, Canada


Registration is now open for Savanna's Producer Bootcamp: a 2-day intensive that will teach you how to prouce your own work. And the timing couldn't be better. Canadian Fringe festivals are opening their 2019 application lotteries. 


Space is limited. Click here for more details!

July 2018

Calgary, AB, Canada

DIRECTOR OF ARTIST SERVICES | Calgary International Fringe Festival

It's the dream job: supporting artists as they create and produce their art - from newbies to internationally touring vets, locals to the out-of-towners. Savanna is pleased to announce that she'll be joining the Calgary Fringe team to create and lead the brand-new department of Artist Services.


Calgary, AB, Canada

APN Mentorship Program | Alberta Playwrights' Network

For one year, Savanna will be joining the Alberta Playwrights' Network Mentorship Program to write her new play, WASTELANDS. She will be receiving development support, while meeting and sharing work with a network of playwrights in Calgary. She is especially looking forward to making friends with all the artists in her new hometown!

6 - 16 SEPT, 2018

Vancouver, BC, Canada

WASTELANDS | Vancouver International Fringe Festival

Savanna's newest play, WASTELANDS, is coming to the Vancouver Fringe! 


An apocalyptic comedy about garbage and the pieces of trash who produce it.


For tickets and more information, please visit the Vancouver Fringe website.

5 - 9 June, 2018

Calgary, AB, Canada

WASTELANDS | Provocation Series in the IGNITE! Festival

After half a year of hard work and grit, WASTELANDS is receiving a workshop performance run. Special thanks to the Alberta Playwrights' Network and Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre for development support.


For tickets and more information, please visit the IGNITE! Festival website. WASTELANDS is part of the Provocation Series.

Nov 2017 - July 2018

Calgary, AB, Canada


Back in 2016, Savanna took GRT's Devising Intensive and leaped into the mysterious world of devised theatre. She is excited to continue this jump into the unknown by accepting a nine-month artistic and producing internship - for which she will be relocating to Calgary in the New Year! In addition to flexing her artistic administration guns, Savanna will be workshopping her own play, SHADOWLANDS, and contributing to the creation of THE INTUITION PROJECT, opening fall 2018.



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